Bellissimo Wine: A Sweet Spark

ADELIA AYU on WINE & DINE, 26/11/18


As one of the largest wine producers in Indonesia, Dima International Wines launched a brand new sparkling wine, Bellissimo Sparkling, through a launching event called ‘A Day of Merrymaking with Bellissimo’.

Launching their wine for the first time in Indonesia, Dima International Wines proudly present new variants of sparkling wine called Bellissimo Wine in ‘A Day of Merrymaking with Bellissimo’ at Olivier Grand Indonesia.

Throughout the event, guests experienced a mouth-watering, bountifully aromatic wine accompanied by scrumptious sweets and savory finger foods.  

Deriving from the Italian term for ‘beautiful’, Dima International Wines launched two new wine variants with a balanced hint of sweetness and intensity. Mitch Hayhow, the winemaker of Bellissimo, created an aromatic wine packed in an elegant slim bottle inspired by the beauty of Italy. As classic Italian style icons, Bellissimo’s Australian vineyards constantly produced lusciously flavorsome wine grapes.


Both Sparkling Moscato and Sparkling Dolce Rosso are extracted from frozen Ultra-Premium Australian grapes with a range of fruity aromas, including sweet black cherry and white floral with moderate alcohol level, or around 8, 0% ABV. They also distributed their sparkling wine in several outlets such as BAE, Publik Markette, The Peak, Rock Paper Scissors, TGIF, Porto Bistreau and The Garden.

PHOTOS Courtesy of Bellissimo Wine