YSL Beauty Hotel Jakarta

ROBIN BOY on BEAUTY, 14/11/18


A brand new hotel experience was brought by YSL Beauté with YSL Beauty Hotel, where guests were captivated by what were inside.

Making its 11th stop in the heart of Jakarta, YSL Beauty Hotel was more than ready to bring a five-star interactive experience that will surely turn heads and gather admirations. Held from 9th to 11th of November in Plaza Indonesia’s The Warehouse, it successfully awed the guests with an edgy place filled with rocking neon lights and Instagram-worthy photo calls. There were six specially designed interactive rooms in total where guests can visit.

When entering the beauty hotel, the guests will check-in at Le Lobby using a personalized QR code, making the experience feel intimate. Then, they will make their way where cult classics such as ROUGE PUR COUTURE, ROUGE VOLUPTÉ SHINE, VOLUPTÉ LIQUID COLOUR BALM & TATOUAGE COUTURE were all available for them to use for glamming themselves up.

From there the guests will be walked into a room where there was a video corner surrounded by bright red and white neon lights. It was specially designed to showcase the launch of ROGUE PUR COUTURE THE SLIM, YSL Beauté new ultra-comfortable lipstick range that gives a perfect matte finish.

Next was Live Showcase Room, which was basically a rock star bedroom where a stage and a guitar set were there to help rock the guests out. There was also VOLUPTÉ LIQUID COLOUR BALM ROOM, where pink neon lights and the highly raved lips-shaped photo call were ready to take Instagram photo to a new level. The last room was YSL Beauty Club, where they can stay up all night enjoying the drinks and performance from DJ P Double featuring Fant Tatis and Non Stop Pleasure.

As if those were not stunning enough, there was also the signature LIPSTICK ATM where guests could get their hands on YSL Beauté latest lipstick and have their name engraved on it. Previously, YSL Beauty Hotel had already welcomed makeup enthusiasts all around the world such as New York, Hong Kong, Paris, and Kuala Lumpur.

PHOTOS Courtesy of L’Oreal Indonesia