Rise of Non Surgery Aesthetics



Jakarta Aesthetic Clinic Launched a new innovation for glowing, healthier skin.

In the United States, people’s interest for facial beauty treatment using a variety of aesthetic procedures without surgery has surged dramatically. The number of the procedures done from 2000 to 2017 has tripled. Currently, the number of people who choose to do aesthetic procedures without surgery is slightly above the number of people who undertake surgical aesthetics (America Association of Plastic Surgeons, 2017).

Dr. Olivia Ong, Founder of Jakarta Aesthetic Clinic (JAC), explains that treatments have evolved along with advanced technology; enabling one to treat the face and body based on needs and progress over time with or without needles. "Perform maintenance according to our respective needs by always respecting our own uniqueness. At the end of the day, it’s not just aesthetically pleasing for the eye, but taking care of what’s given to us as well," said the doctor who managed to bring Jakarta Aesthetic Clinic achieving Asia Pacific level for their Combination treatment in dealing with aging problems.

Zaskia Sungkar herself has entrusted her face care at JAC for the past two years. "Well, I don't like doing conventional facial because I have low pain resistance. However, peeling blackheads at JAC is different from the rest; it’s not painful to clear off the blackheads," Zaskia added.

Baby Skin Treatment, abbreviated as BST, focuses on adding health and strength to the skin to protect the outer layer of the human face structure that is suitable for Indonesia’s climate. After undergoing BST, the skin will be healthy, balanced, smooth, supple and less sensitive.  BST also claims to tighten facial pores, thus letting make-up run smoothly: "For those who wear make-up, BST makes make-up stay longer, doesn't easily wear off, and reduces touch-up activity,” said Dr. Ong.

Other than following the latest innovation, JAC also collaborated with Merz Aesthetics to campaign for all women, especially in Asia. In the future, JAC hopes that by sharing, treatment stories will no longer be a taboo but will strengthen each other.

PHOTOS Courtesy of Jakarta Aesthetic Clinic