FILA Took Over Milan

ROBIN BOY on FASHION, 24/09/18


Fila has always been skyrocketing to success especially with the hype of Disruptor. Nevertheless, it seems like it’s just getting started for Fila as it recently wowed the high-fashion enthusiasts during Milan Fashion Week.

The guests of Milan Fashion Week might had seen something they didn’t really expect during the show, as the trendy sportswear brand, Fila, showed up and rocked the runway like no others. Hosting its first runway show in Milan, Fila collaborated with luxury fashion labels and outstanding designers to show off its collection.

One of the most interesting and notable things during the runway was the absence of Fila’s highly favored Disruptor sneakers. They were nowhere to be found as the brand decided to display sleek high heels instead for its Spring 2019 collection. Throwing itself into the high-fashion industry, the red, white, and black metallic strappy heels sure put a fresh look to the models.

The models confidently pulled off the heels and proved they can be worn along with sporty wears such as one-shouldered maillot covered in transparent anorak jacket, dark blue sleeveless top and pants along with chic black glasses, white zippered jumpsuit, and also turtleneck with a fingered skirt.

To keep the show on fire, the surprise didn’t end there. As one of the most prominent sneakers producer right now, Fila made sure the spotlight stayed on them as it showed off numerous thigh-high sneakers. Spotted in red, black, and white, the rubber soles of the sock sneakers were similar to those of the Disruptor. Meanwhile, the sock material was knitted perfectly to fit the thigh paired with one-color dominated outfits. What’s more amazing was there’s also checked print version of it, matching the piece of the same pattern.


PHOTOS Courtesy of WWD