Dealing with Calluses 101



You can’t avoid having calluses when working out, but it doesn’t mean you have to quit.

Whether you are a gym rat or a newbie in working out, you most probably already have calluses—or you will. Yes, those brag-worthy scars on the palm of your hands are the proof of your hard work and dedications in lifting weights in the gym for hours. However, they can also disrupt your workouts and make it a bit troublesome. There’s no need to worry, because there are some tips to protect and treat those inevitable scars.

Leave your gloves at home

Gloves might protect your hands, but they will also sabotage your workout. Your lifts won’t be as strong as when you’re not wearing them. Not to mention, by wearing gloves you’ll put a layer of material between your palm and the bar you’re going to grip, which may allow it to slip. As an alternative, you can try reducing the friction by chalking up your hands.

Don’t ever think to pick them

It might be extremely tempting to pick those hard lumps of skin on your palm, but don’t do it! Picking them might feel good at first as the hardened skin is finally gone, but once the skin starts to grow back it’ll grow thicker and tougher. Instead, you can soak your hands in warm water for 15 to 30 minutes and slowly scratch away the rough part using pumice stone.  

Adjust your grip

If you have calluses, make sure to adjust your grip to prevent any pain during workout. For instance, you can keep the bar gripped between your mid-palm and the base of your fingers when doing pulling motion exercises. Placing the bar in the crease of the hands where the palm and fingers meet will minimize injury and prevent calluses. Positioning the thumb around the bar instead of next to or under the index finger will help reduce friction too.

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