Big Hair Day at NYFW



From the cemetery to the aisle: Rodarte designer duo Kate and Laura Mulleavy introduced new beauty trends for bridal moments straight from New York Marble Cemetery.

After two years of hiatus, the Los Angeles-based fashion house finally returned for Spring/Summer 2019 New York Fashion Week. Some may ruminate about the resurrection of gothic-era party girls with their dolled-up laces and tulles. However, there’s more to learn from the show.


With the rise of nude and sheer colors in the world of beauty, one may not think of blue, red, or yellow as their main make-up palette. Inspired by cubicist Picasso (hence the name “Picasso 1932”), Nars played with blue and yellow hues as eyeshadow. To give the graphic impression of the late painter, they are painted in geometric shapes. The eyeshadow is paired with one-for-all velvety red lipstick that reminds us of another painter Frieda Kahlo.

TIP: make sure to blend one end of the eyeshadow to give softer, hazier look. You don’t have to definitely bring back the 1990s electric look with the colors—go with neutral and muted colors for your outfit to balance your look.


Since when brides rhyme with boring braids? I mean, why putting much effort to grow your hair for your friend’s special day when you can just grow some roses? The Mulleavy sisters hinted us with tons of hair ideas for year-long wedding marathon in 2019.

PRO-TIP #1: Pair your rose arrangement with tiny metallic accessories. It could be earrings, brooch, or hand-made gimmick. Never overdo it because nobody wants to look like a flower arch at a wedding.

PRO-TIP #2: Wear it like your own hair. Make an arrangement in a single line and clip them following your hair flow to make it looking like natural curls. A little improvisation like twisting or wrapping the garland onto your hair might work as well. Rodarte experimented with some type of lacing to create distinctive look.

PRO-TIP #3: Just like the expressionistic paintings of Gustav Klimt, it’s now the time to wear flowers like a crown. Use hairpins to clip real roses in various sizes between your hair strands and let them improve the look of your buns. This is technically the same as arranging flowers in a vase.

PHOTOS Courtesy of Yannis Vlamos /