Tugu Malang: Unwritten History

ADELIA AYU on TRAVEL, 31/07/18


Surrounded with ancient time memorabilia and historical decors, Hotel Tugu Malang gives a mysterious yet alluring vibe that ignites the curiosity of others.

With various stories surrounding Hotel Tugu Malang, the pioneer building from Tugu Group, HighEnd is interested to know the truth behind all of it. Distinctive from other antique designed hotels, Hotel Tugu Malang slowly reveals its true face once the guest walks further to explore what lies behind the most talked about property.

Each corner of Tugu Hotel is beautifully designed and completed with premium suites such as Apsara Residences, Raden Saleh, Babah, Devata, The Zamrud of East Jav,a and Honey Moonlight Suites. The Asian culture and history are strongly shown in their decors.

The dining area consists of the legendary Melati Restaurant, The Sahara, The Silk Road Pavilion, Saigon San, and Tugu Tea House. Each of it gives different feelings and experiences to their guests. They present a whole new set of Asian experience, starting from the Arabian, Vietnamese, Nusantara, to Chinese.

Tugu Hotel is belting years of experiences by exhibiting beautifully designed suites, heavenly traditional spa, and beautiful banquet space. This establishment has legendarily hosted many country leaders and world personalities, as well as being constantly listed as one of the best and most unique hotels in the world. The authentic Indonesian experience is derived from the founder himself, Anhar Setjadibrata, whose love for Indonesia and his family is undying.

With their strong Peranakan images, the hotel shows another face of Indonesia that is, unfortunately, kept unwritten. Quoting ‘Art, Soul and Romance ‘ through their slogan, Hotel Tugu Malang truly creates a romantic and spiritual journey for their guests via art and history. 

PHOTOS Courtesy of Hotel Tugu Malang