Singapore Futuristic Legacy

ADELIA AYU on TRAVEL, 15/01/19


Blending the finest elements of old and new, Grand Park City Hall brings forward a futuristic face of Singapore, without leaving the legacies behind.

Singapore – a country where multicultural heritage exists and modern ways of living blend perfectly. One of the landmark buildings in the country is the legendary Grand Park City Hall, located in a district where most historic buildings have been restored and given a new lease of life. With a thoughtful renovation by the masterminds of RSP and interior design consultant, HBA, the flagship of Park Hotel Group now reveals a beautiful harmony of neoclassical design and a cleaner, more contemporary style.

The distinct between other hotels and Grand Park City Hall is they are moving towards the future through high technology system, without leaving the past behind. As part of personalized service delivery, guests can control facilities such as in-room facilities (air condition, light and TV operations) and do digital check in by downloading their integrated application.

Incorporating Peranakan tiles, vintage statement pieces and artwork reflecting local landmarks, the interiors celebrate modern day Singapore with futuristic mirrored imagery, which contrasts with the city’s rich past and varied cultures. Elegantly-styled Deluxe and Premier Rooms offer a serene escape from city life with state-of-the-art comforts, the finest in-room amenities and space to relax and indulge.  For families, the hotel is a family friendly one by providing six pairs of inter-connecting child-friendly rooms with rolling paper that allowed them to draw their imaginations.

Furnished with new gym facilities and equipments that consist of swimming pool and private gardens in suites, guests can experience personalized services through high technology facilities with benefits from being a their exclusive club, Crystal Club member also. With all the futuristic facilities that still hold strong heritage values inside it, Grand Park City Hall gives you an enigmatic vacation experience where you can learn the value of traditions in the most possible modern way.

PHOTOS Courtesy of Grand Park City Hall Singapore