SALT n PEPPER: Arabian Nights



Behind the rush of Patiunus traffic, just not very far from Patiunus Courtyard, there hidden a safehouse resembling that of we read in 1001 Arabian Nights. Decorated stylishly to experience street diner of the Middle East, SALT n PEPPER Catering Service works with Walking Drums Backyard to present Iftar under the Stars.

Successfully attracting at least 4,000 people to their iftar celebration last year, SALT n PEPPER is back with their Iftar Under the Stars concept this Ramadan, lasting from 29th May to 23rd June 2017 at Walking Drums Backyard, Pati Unus.

A range of 40 chosen menus are presented, including authentic Middle Eastern food, locals, to a selection of Western and Asian food for those with more conservative palate. Unlike last year, where the whole event was held on open air, Iftar Under the Stars is now held inside a large hall, without ditching sheer look towards the sky.

If people would spend breakfasting time there, it is certainly for the extraordinary ambience. The food was not only made authentic, but fresh and reliable in service. There would also be cooking demos from the Catering Service, workshops, bazaar, and many others. The event lasts everyday from 5-10 PM.


Ramadan Iftar Under the Stars: All You Can Eat Buffet


Walking Drums Backyard, Patiunus F4, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta

29th May - 23rd June 2017, 5-10 PM