SaigonSan: Noble Tranquility

ADELIA AYU on WINE & DINE, 02/07/18


Shaped by the Indochina culture in early 19th century, SaigonSan brought forth historical nobility and hidden stories of Nusantara’s wisdom in the form of art and cuisine; all with précised design and pristine shapes.

As the newest branch from Tugu Group, SaigonSan brings Miss Saigon’s fantasy to “give you the world to conquer when you grow” into reality. Located at the legendary Hotel Tugu Malang, the restaurant brings new breeze into historical Indochina site with inspiration drawn from countries northern to Indonesia. They include Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, peninsular Malaysia and Singapore—making SaigonSan a Southeast Asia legacy at reach.

United by Chinese/Indochina influence, visitors will feel transported into the ancient times by looking at the ambience. The place creates excellent standard as a magnificent cultural restaurant by revealing stories of Angkor Kingdom founder Jayavarman II and Cambodian beauty in every corner. They do so by placing a large statue, engraved words, and personal belongings of Jayavarman II in Royal Angkor Room. Visitors can also sit in a café filled with Vietnam War Era vibes and a heart-warming family history from Harvey Room.

Like a wise king, all food from the menu is made with own grown organic vegetables and irreplaceable exotic herbs, showing both powerful taste and humble ingredients. You can be a noble for a day with their pre-modern kingdoms and empire vibes, but can still have a hearty cuisine experience through magnificent menus like Paw Pia Thawt, Klong Bnag Luang’s Tom Kha Gai and Young Coconut Crème Brulee.

Superb menu and historical stories aside, SaigonSan is a potential talk of the town with their distinctive and “speaks for itself” royalty. Reflecting Tugu Group’s cultural diversity, the restaurant creates nobility and tranquility with non-monarchical approach.

SaigonSan Modern Vietnamese & Thai Restaurant

Jalan Tugu, Kauman, Klojen,

Malang City, East Java

+62 341 363 891

PHOTOS Courtesy Of Hotel Tugu Malang