Perfect Travel Spots for Introverts



Introversion has long been misinterpreted as trait of shyness and social isolation. Introverted individuals are often stereotyped as someone who lacks of energy and less interesting than their extraverted counterparts. In fact, introverts have a lot of energy—only that they prefer to invest their energy inwardly for more reflective pursuit. They do have fun too. Yet, distinguished from extroverts, they do not necessarily need a lot of simulation in order to do that.

Introverts do love traveling too (or, in their own terms, it is more an ‘escape’ than ‘travel’). However, it might be quite tricky to find the right destination for them since they won’t bother staying at the hotel all day when they cannot find the travel place personally engaging. Of course we do not want that to happen. So, if your spouse, children, partners, or even you happen to be an introvert, what kind of travel destinations will suit you best?

Sure, you will need a tranquil place. Secondly, the place has to specifically appeal to your personal interest. For example, a city with distinctive architecture would be perfect for someone with particular interest for design. Time flexibility is most essential since they tend to be more laid back and getting overwhelmed by the surrounding nature.

Here is some best alternatives for introverts that might not be ones you expected:

Sicily, Italy

Peaceful cafes and restaurant in the largest island in Mediterranean would be perfect for introverts who value intimate conversations. With all of those museums, historical artifacts, and pedestrian-friendly surrounding, they won't even mind getting lost in the middle of the town.

PHOTO: Max Pixel

Fogo Island, Newfoundland and Labrador

It is definitely the greatest escape for introverts and their offbeat taste. Canoeing? Dining by the bonfire? Stargazing? Or simply pleasing the eyes with serene landscape and postmodern architecture? It has it all.

PHOTO: Fogo Island Inn

Riquewihr, France

This village is time machine to the medieval. Their minimalistic and typically low-paced lifestyle is the Achilles heels for wandering introverts. Popular for their vineyard and winery, Riquewihr is a fine choice for the introverts' sensitive sense.

PHOTO: Etienne Ehret

Pangkor Laut Island, Malaysia

This 5-star travel destination is a perfect indulge for well-being; from spa, massage, to exotic view. Pangkor Laut Resort, a literal tiny house by the sea, offers total solitary and beauty - all introverts need for.

PHOTO: Expedia

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is the dream-comes-true town for the geeks. With literary pubs, conferences, and libraries, they become the home of in-depth conversations between literature lovers. A sundry of cultural and placid spots are also ready for most introverts: chilly green yards, castles, to museums.

PHOTO: Jim Nix