Elegance Aged in Red Barrels



French cognac-maker House of Martell showcased their 300 years of experience with their brand new Martell Cognac VSOP Aged in Red Barrels.

For two days straight, the brand hosted gala dinner at The Westin Jakarta in early November. Under the tagline “true elegance lies in perfect balance”, they presented a new way to enjoy VSOP—which requires red barrels. This type of barrel is usually 3-8 years old before the next eaux-de-vie, and is red in color due to medium maturation process.

Taken from the best oak trees from Troncheais forest in France, the red barrel creates perfect harmony between fruity taste and refined wood overnotes with smooth aftertaste. The bronze indulgence has intense apricot and plum taste with spicy aromatic force.

The brand invited the cognac master of the series, Christophe Valtaud, to the dinner. He gladly explained how the VSOP Red Barrels differs from other cognac, and how it suits a wide range of food.

During the event, high profile and VIP guests enjoyed dinner and the new VSOP Aged in Red Barrels.

LEFT-RIGHT : Estelle Valtaud and Christophe Valtaud & Jacques Menier and Edhi Sumadi

LEFT-RIGHT : Andy Mulyadi and Isabella Hardjono & Angela Prisa and Diego Dimas

LEFT-RIGHT : Budhi Gozali & Tony Lim and Eric Chew

LEFT-RIGHT : Ineke Selly and Matt Parry & Jean Alexandre Egea and Cedric Retailleau

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