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Savor a new gastronomic experience Japanese-with-a-twist cuisine and cocktail artistry at Fūjin teppanyaki & Japanese whisky.

Applying traditional Japanese art of service where thoughtfulness and meticulous attention to details are key elements, Fūjin is dedicated to serve modern-style grilling technique of Teppanyaki. And to complement that culinary experience, the restaurant serves Japanese whiskies and artisanal cocktails as the highlight

Fūjin is designed with a rustic ambience that simply reminds us of a traditional Japanese kiosk. However, it is not any of that traditional Japanese-styled restaurant. Fūjin offers a book, a full book, of high quality whiskies and cocktails that pay homage to the rebirth of Japan’s Golden Age, when cocktails were made exquisitely. HighEnd tried Fūjin’s handcrafted cocktail called Matcha Sour, a mix of Japanese whisky and Matcha powder—both are extremely popular in its original country.

The must-try beverage list is definitely the Highball. The Highball was a popular drink back in the times of recovery of Japan’s post-war in 1950. It mixes alcoholic drink with soda and ice. Gaining back its popularity in 2008, now Highball can be found everywhere in Japan. From the list, HighEnd recommends Shiso-hi, a mix of Japanese whisky with Choya Shiso, Shiso leaf, Elderflower syrup and topped with soda. As for the virgin drinks, we recommend the refreshing Strawberry Rosca mocktail.

Teppanyaki menus, grilled in the open kitchen. HighEnd highly recommends the Okonomiyaki Seafood, a very popular Japanese savory pancake, as it is the perfect pair for the drinks. And if you still crave for some more delicious Japanese dishes, try Salmon Carpacio and Dorayaki with Ogura Ice Cream. Or for a complete meal, Chicken Nanban from the Lunch Specials set menu will be enough to satisfy the quench for mouthwatering Teppanyaki.


Fūjin Teppanyaki & Japanese Whisky

Jl. Gunawarman #21, Senopati

South Jakarta

Phone: +62 21 2751 3838, +62 21 2751 3030

Opening hours: Daily, 11.30 – 15.00 and 18.00 – late