Coachella Camping Craze



We all agree that Coachella is more than just a music festival. It is a street fashion parade and a travel wish-list.

Started almost two decades ago, Coachella becomes one of the biggest outdoor music festivals. It is no wonder the busiest hospitality season in Indio, California. There are many travel package options available near the site, ranging from motels to luxury hotels.

However, since you are there for all the vibes, why not trying the ritualistic camping in or off site? Starting from 2003, the Coachella organizers allowed attendances to camp around the site. Worry not of catching weird cold through the camping night, as they keep improving the camping facilities including pools, electricity, wi-fi, and food camps.

Here are some of the camping options and their pros that you won’t regret once you get there!


As 80s as it sounds, the Car Camping option is not only practical, but very strategic for groups or couples who would want to taste the vintage mood of SUV camp. PROS: Once you’re parked, your car can stay throughout the weekend. It suits a number of people at once without the hassle of missing the shows looking for parking lot.


Coachella have two kinds of luxury on-sites: Lake El Dorado and Safari Tents. Lake El Dorado tents are designed in colorful Indian heritage, placed exactly next to the Lake El Dorado. For more secluded, homey feels, opt to Safari Tents. PROS: This one is pretty clear—all we need in at least 4-star hotels is here, with closer access and natural experiences.


Tent camps are the perfect choice for the outgoing and athletics with 10’x15’ grass spots to fit as many guests as we want. PROS: All facilities and shows are within close reach, and there is also free overnight parking for every reservation.


If you happen to miss the chance to join the camping craze, there are many luxury camp sites within 5 miles from the site for you to pick. PROS: There’s nothing can compare the actual experience of Coachella site camping, but this is still a comfortable, no-hassle choice.


PHOTOS Courtesy of Coachella Music Festival