Cerveza Negra: Coffee and Beer



We often hear “Talk over a cup of coffee?” or “I owe you a beer” in daily conversations with close colleagues. Both beverages are known as ‘conversation drinks’ where they function to live up the warm conversations between people. It is sometimes hard to decide, is it time for coffee? Or beer?

Both would be the best answer. Coffee liqueur and particularly stouts become one of most popular choices for the few decades. In dark beer, coffee is used to match the malt’s roasty taste. There are many ways brewers blend coffee into their liquor—sometimes it is included in the fermentation process or simply after the liquor is ‘finished’. This particular ingredient elicits the richness of caramelized malt with a balanced roastiness.

San Miguel, a Philippines’ brand, currently expands the style with their brand new Dark Lager Beer Cerveza Negra. This particular drink emphasizes the refreshing taste of black malt with coffee taste—all covered in smooth foam. It is light in caramel, making us feel less guilty to sip another one. HighEnd recommends the beer as a companion to dinner cuisine.

Dark Lager Beer Cerveza Negra is available in 20 outlets in Indonesia, including The Barrels, Backyard, Basque, and many others.