Branche Bistro: Revamped



Located in the pivotal area of Senopati, Jakarta, there’s a snug called Branche Bistro that looks nothing like before.

Taken from the French word ‘branche’ that means ‘hip’ or ‘trendy’, Branche Bistro is living up to its name by introducing a brand new concept. If you happen to be familiar with the place before, it may look a bit too dim with austere atmosphere, since it was inspired by French industrial architecture. Now, just a few weeks after finishing the renovation, the dining place is back with something we never imagined from them before.

The place feels as welcoming as a home. With clearer lighting and warmer color palette, the whole atmosphere is improved to make us feel comfortable. They maintain the bar area at level 1, while dedicating the second level for dining area and the third one for private rooftop lounge. We personally love the rooftop lounge, which is not only comfortable, but eye-pleasing as well.

Branche is now one of those “instagrammable places” worth hopping on to. With a fusion of rustic and pop-art touch, the place is ideal for an evening out with friends and colleague. If you’re lucky enough, they also have live music on rooftop and daily promos for food and drinks.

The facelift goes deeper than the surface. Branche is also revamping their menu book with new fusion dish, plus an array of healthy drinks and cocktails. Guests’ favorites include Es Teler Panna Cotta, Nasi Goreng Tempura Balachan, and Mac n Cheese. Those fusion foods are fortunately very well-made. They retain the original local flavor that reminds us of street food we had when we’re little. The western twists do nothing but complementing the taste.

Some may consider Branche for lunch meeting for their satisfying food, but we also suggest you to spend a night out with friends here at the rooftop while enjoying wine and food.

PHOTOS Courtesy of Branche Bistro