AQUAFIT: Nation’s First Ever



Is repeating the exact same exercise taking away the excitement from your daily workout regime? Then perhaps it’s time to spice things up a bit by exploring the world of water workout.

Fitness is starting to become a day-to-day activity for some, and it requires variation in the routine. Being the largest fitness brand in Southeast Asia, Fitness First surely is giving its best by making new innovation in the fitness industry. To make sure its members can have the best exercise to blast fat and tone their body, it recently just launched the first ever water workout class in Indonesia, also known as AQUAFIT.

Those who like to do a full-body exercise might be interested to hop in the pool as the water-based workout can be a very demanding one. That being said, the participants’ strength and endurance will be trained since this exercise combines both upper and lower body movements in various directions. Exercising in the pool of water can also be more challenging since the water provides resistance from all vectors and angles, making moves like squat, lunge, hinge, gait, and rotate harder to do. With this exercise, participants can burn 200-300 calories per session.

With each class being able to accommodate up to 20 participants, AQUAFIT is not only meant for those who are already familiar with working out. Anyone new to the fitness world and even the elders can also join the class and have some fun training along the powerful music beats. On top of that, it can also be the best therapy exercise for those who are recovering from an injury.

PHOTOS Courtesy of Fitness First