5 Reasons to Visit Semasa Café



Semasa Café and Shop might be a hidden haven amidst the scape of Kota Tua complex, but reaching the tiny café is worth every sip.

1. You Get All You Need for City Tourism in A Single Place

It is a one-stop refuge that does not only function as café, but as souvenir shop, reading corner, and a common ground for culture/history enthusiasts. If you are lucky enough, you may pass by some Jakarta Walking Tour members in mission.

2. You Got the View, Not the Rush.

Semasa is a sweet spot for those craving for an afternoon tea with a view. One can witness the landscape of colonial-era architectural legacy in Kota Tua through the windows.

3. It is An Awkward-Free Zone for Lone Wanderers

Its tiny, tranquil, yet warm surrounding will not intrude your thoughts when you are looking for some personal space without being totally alienated.

4. Hold My Tea—We Got This.

With a decade of experience in tea brewing, the people behind Semasa will be glad to help you from choosing your specialty leaves to sharing the knowledge behind traditional tea ceremony (e.g. the ceremonial matcha menu).  Semasa puts thorough consideration in every aspect of brewing not only in terms of visual, but in creating a balanced taste as well.

5. As Historical As It Sounds.

We are mostly fascinated by the philosophy behind every listed menu, which traces back to colonial history of Indonesia and East Asia countries. They are reformed or mixed together to create distinctive taste like the spice-infused Semasa Colonial Tea or their house-blend coffee originated from seven provinces across Indonesia. If tea and coffee were a part of our national history, then this is where they become the best part of it.

Semasa di Kota Tua – Café & Shop

OLVEH Building 3rd Floor, Jl. Jemb. Batu No.53, Kota Tua, West Jakarta

Opening Hours: Everyday, 11AM-6PM