5 Destinations to Celebrate Love



Valentine’s Day is that day in every couple’s life when they thrive to relive the unique bond they share.

It is of utmost importance to celebrate it in such a way that leaves an everlasting impact over your better half and moves their heart. What could be a better way of celebrating it, than in a distant, dreamy, gorgeous location that makes you fall for each other all over again?

Santorini, Greece

When we talk about couple goals, we often picture the white village of Oia, the vast blue ocean and two champagne glasses shining in the sunlight. You and your partner can hike your way to Fira from Oia, spend a sunny day at the black beach, sail aboard your private catamaran, and live in the traditional cave houses of the village. A wine tour will add charm to your escape, and if you happen to be history-enthusiasts, there are many archaeological sites like Akrotiri that will make you weak in the knees.


Masai Mara, Kenya

This is the jungle of your dreams and a must-visit for all the wildlife-loving couples out there. This is where you can spot the Big Five – Lion, African elephant, leopard, black rhinoceros, and Cape buffalo. You get to enjoy some of the best glamping resorts in the world right here. Hot air balloon safari is yet another charmer to look forward too. Save the sunset for this, and experience a straight-out-of-fairytale moment.

The Island of Mauritius

It’s an all-rounder destination. If you both love beaches, but also the hills, then Mauritius could be the destination to pick. This beautiful country is bejeweled with glittering seashores and prettified with lush national parks. You can go on hikes and treks, choose to spend the day at the beach indulging in various water adventures or simply relax at your brilliant resort. There also are many Hindu temples to visit if you have a spiritual inclination.

Rovaniemi, Finland

If you’re looking to spend some snuggling up with your significant other, this off the grid Arctic destination is the perfect place to do it. Slip on a survival suit and float in the Arctic waters while you gaze up the Aurora Borealis. If you’re not that daring, then you and your special someone can opt for a private boat ride or watch the spectacular celestial light show from your Arctic Treehouse Hotel with some wine in your hand.

Cappadocia, Turkey

You need to visit Cappadocia, where you’ll be in awe at the impressive valleys as you’re on a hot air balloon. Below lies 100 square miles of underground cave villages, tunnels, secret passageways, and ancient temples. Underground, you can discover the cities of Kaymakli and Derinkuyu where several of the caves have been refurbished into hotels. You can experience authentic Turkish baths and sunset terrace views surrounded by a "moonscape" of unique natural sandstone rock formations.

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