Getting in Shape by Chef Edwin



For Edwin Lau, celebrity chef and health consultant, the motto for a balanced life is called “Three Healthy Tridents”. As we all know, a trident has three pointers with the tallest one in the middle. For him, the tallest one is the most important of all—that is sleep. A good sleep is supported by two other pointers: a healthy diet and a good exercise.

Exclusively for HighEnd, Edwin shares with us the tricks to exercise for any body shape. What about a healthy diet? Worry not about it, he also presents us with his authentic recipe for your body types—all with nutritional consideration.


Most common body type
Tend to have square-built body
Highly sensitive to carbohydrate and sodium that leads to easy weight gain
Diet: limit daily intake of carbohydrate and sodium
Exercise: do more cardio and less weight-lifting. Mix exercise with yoga or pilates for more flexibility



Most common body type in Asia
Tend to have skinny, straight figure
Has low energy and high metabolic rate that makes gaining weight hard to do
Diet: consume more carbohydrate and medium level of protein
Exercise: do more weight-lifting to build muscles, minimize any cardio exercise



Most common body type in Western regions
Tend to have strong, lean, athletic figure
Has high energy and metabolic rate, making them easier to gain muscles
Diet: balanced choices of carbs, protein, fat, and fiber
Exercise: any balanced exercise will do



VIP Beef Roast for Endomorph Body Type

Duck Vermicelli for Ectomorph Body Type

PHOTO: Rudi Sulistya for HighEnd