Voicenotes from Charlie



With his attractive performance in Voicenotes Asia tour leg in Jakarta, Charlie Puth proved that he is a self-confessed man everybody should take a note of.

Maybe I’mma get a little anxious, maybe I’mma get a little shy. ‘Cause everybody’s trying to be famous, and I’m just trying to find a place to hide.” The confession in The Way I Am wrapped in electro-flecked, perky pop track from New Jersey-born singer, Charles Otto Puth Jr who is known as Charlie Puth to the world. Jumping from one corner to another and attractively slaying music instruments all along the night, the 26-year- old singer seems to find his perfect place to hide that night at Zilingo Presents; Charlie Puth Voicenotes Live in Indonesia at ICE BSD.

Somber yet playful tracks such as Attention, Done for Me and How Long that Puth sang that night proved his will to distinct this album to his earlier one by seeing the audience move to it while singing at the top of their lungs. The handsome singer also showed who he was by bringing back previous songs like Marvin Gaye, We Don’t Talk Anymore, One Call Away and See You Again that remind fans why Charlie is a voice that everybody should take a note on.

Not only Puth, the audience also took the chance to speak their voices to him. Fans never missed a word or skip a beat when Puth sang. The singer actively gave fans service like pretending to change t-shirt or giving a smirk between songs that drive them crazy or flirtatiously playing Can’t Help Falling in Love on his Keytar. As a first timer in Jakarta, Puth was impressed at how fans welcome him with such excitement and continuously told them that Indonesia makes him falling in love.

Being the 10th show in his Voicenotes global tour, Jakarta’s concert showed that Charlie Puth is the ace of live performance via his effortless, energetic performance. Overall, Charlie Puth had a touch of magic in turning basic things into something elevating, from voice notes into sophomore’s album, Youtube videos into clips and somebody behind someone’s famous sheet music into somebody whom people don’t talk about anymore.

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