Wedding Secrets: Kahiyang Ayu



There’s a lot to talk about from Kahiyang Ayu and Bobby Nasution’s wedding. Behind all that glitters, the couple shared all-that-human preparation and trivial secrets we may never heard of.

The wedding preparation of President Joko Widodo’s only daughter seems stress-free for the bride and groom, yet overwhelming for everyone else. Kahiyang spreads the joy through her social media account for public to enjoy, including the carefully-arranged pre-wedding photos.

As a trueborn of traditional Javanese ancestry, Kahiyang wedded with full-on Central Java’s Solo regalia. Although the ceremony was held on Wednesday, November 8, 2017, people are already anticipating it days before. Central Java’s police force mobilized 3,669 personnel as Kahiyang and Bobby’s wedding security, led by Central Java Police Chief Commissioner Hariyanto and Inspector General Royke Lumowa.

Two days before the reception, the bride, the groom and the whole Javanese and Batak family held a wedding rehearsal, which involved a massive amount of people including the president himself. Joko Widodo, accompanied by his eldest son Gibran Rakabuming and a couple of Ministers, monitored the wedding preparation directly, including the inspection of his daughter’s chariot.

On the sacred day, the bride and the groom arrived with chariots. Kahiyang’s chariot was escorted with hundreds of female army service and female police force as a part of this arrival ceremony called kirab. The holy matrimony Ijab Kabul was held at Gedung Graha Saba Buana, Solo and witnessed by several national high-ups and personages, as well as celebrities and public figures. Among the VVIP guests were former Indonesian president and their families. Vice President Jusuf Kalla was the bride’s ceremonial witness while the Minister of Economic Affairs Darmin Nasution acted as the groom’s.

The reception was divided into two separate affairs – daytime and evening reception – with a total of 8,000 invited guests. As a measure of gratefulness, Kahiyang is flown to her newly wedded husband Bobby’s hometown in Medan, North Sumatera, to hold another wedding reception. The string of ceremonies began sixteen days after their matrimony and was held with strong traditional novelties of Tapanuli heritage.

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