Stylish Women of the Month



This August, we spotted two successful and beautiful women under our fashion radar. They are Livienne Russellia, owner of Martinez Professionnel, and Heddy Kandou, one of the initiators of SamKim Cosmetics.


Livienne now owns a beauty company PT. Cakra Daya Makmur, that has been in the industry for 10 years. Started from a home industry and her perseverance, hard work and passion, Livienne now has expanded her business from personal care and skin care to makeup industry. Currently, she owns three companies with hundreds of products distributed both nationally and globally.

As a woman of beauty, Livienne enjoys dressing up herself in desirable fashion items. She prefers anything classic. For high-end fashion, Livienne likes Hermès, Richard Mille, and many more. For her daily wear, she would prefer anything that’s comfortable. Although she has to take care about her appearance while maintaining her work load, Livienne always makes time for her family as well. She tries to squeeze and get her family involved as much as she can so that she can find balance in life.


For Heddy, being physically attractive is as simple as taking good care of her skin. That explains how she came up with the idea of bringing Korean skin care brand ‘House of Samkim’ to Indonesia. However, for Heddy, being beautiful is more than taking care of her skin. To be able to meet her family’s wishes and to bring joy to them makes her feel beautiful the most out of all. “The main point is not earning money, but to find peace and happiness for and from my family.”

Walking into Heddy’s fashion and beauty preference, it is no doubt that her favorite makeup brand is her own, as she knows the process that goes on behind the brand. For her style, Heddy likes it simple, most importantly it has to be comfortable and with neutral colors.

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