Agnes Sutanto on Life and Style



Day by day, Agnes fills her time with work. “I’m starting to get very busy with work but I feel happy,” she said.

On Business

Agnes Sutanto has been running a jewelry business for 28 years now, with many regular clients. Art is embedded deep in Agnes’ soul, that’s why she designed the jewelries herself. Back then, she sold her jewelries to her peers, and through Word-of-Mouth and hardwork, Sutanto sought what she planted now.

Besides jewelry, Agnes has other businesses in F&B and event organizing as well. With her family, she opened her first F&B business named Beer Brother in Kemang area. The success of Beer Brother fueled their confidence to create their second F&B business with a different concept, called the Eastern Opulence.

On Personal Life

For Agnes, it is essential to keep in mind that she has to spare some time for her family. As a mother, she has to take care of her family no matter how busy she gets. “Children need support that no one else could give except their own mother,” she added. The key to balance all these factors is, time, working smart and moving fast.

Agnes also tries to keep her body in shape, for health and confidence. To save time and also to look good, she times herself for how long it takes from preparing her clothes, to make up and hairdo. During her free time, she spends it on Pilates, that’s her secret for looking young. Not only a healthy activity, it boosts her confidence as well.

On Fashion

For personal style, Agnes opts for something sophisticated and classy. As she is always on the go, she keeps her outfit updated all the time. Agnes’ daily wear is mostly from Etro, Moschino, and Valentino as she finds them feminine and classy—totally matching her style.

For handbags she likes Chanel and Christian Dior; these are paired with bags and clutches from Hermes. For local brands, she likes Biyan and Sebastian Gunawan’s collection. Since art runs in her blood, she likes designing her own dresses and gets people to sew her own design as well.

PHOTOS by Febi Ramdhan