Why Beckham is Our MVP



We were given the chance to chit-chat with ex-Real Madrid star David Beckham while he visited Jakarta as the ambassador of insurance company AIA.

Beckham, as AIA mentioned, has all the right ingredients as an insurance icon. He concerns not only for his family’s well-being, but for people as well, since he is a prominent figure of UNICEF. Known for his fitness that does not seem to fade even until he concluded his career at 38-year old. Together, we talk about health, fitness, and his personal stories.

What’s the most unforgettable moment as AIA ambassador?

The works that we've been done, "What’s Your Why" is the best campaign I've done. It's about why do you want to eat better, live longer, and take care about yourself the whole time. Being healthier and fit are small steps that makes bigger difference. If you are a father or mother, walk your kids to school or walk your dog. It's about making time for them.

Do you have any special diet?

I don't have one. It's one thing I'm very lucky about. I can eat anything I want to and stay in shape. My job as an athlete also supports it. It's not about preaching people what to do. That's normal to have guilty pleasure.

How’s your work-life balance?

My priority is always my family and children. After retiring (as a footballer), it's important for my kids to see Daddy still works hard and I want to set great example for them. It's important that i'm on the ground and banging the drum. I've traveled to many countries for 25 years as footballer, now I can walk with them.

What are your standards for a football player?

Go on and enjoy the game.  Football is an inexpensive game with a round ball and some players on the field. (Don’t give up because) at age 12, my coach told me that I will never play for my country. They said I'm too small and not strong enough—now here I am. There might be difficult time, just enjoy yourself and have a great time.

PHOTOS Courtesy of AIA Indonesia