Welcoming Invasion 2k18



With the arrival of Invasion 2018, Jakarta is not coming up short with hot new music festivals this year. Hosted by Euphorics, it’s going to be the world’s first biggest line up of dance artists.

It’s an indoor event so there’s no need to worry about weather, and the venue is expected to house 15,000 people. The festival will have a brand new concept to go along with the artists – The Tempus Chronicles, which will bring invaders through a historical ride of 19th century industrial revolution vibe.

Invasion is going to feature both local and international DJs so there will be something for everyone, and it will be heavily secured since safety is the main priority for the event.

The first wave of artists consists of SnakeHips, Sam Feldt, and Yellow Claw (who will be releasing their new first single for the first time live in Jakarta).

The event will be held on 14th September, in JI-Expo Kemayoran - Halls B3 and C3. If you are thinking to come, grab your tickets fast because the first Pre-Sale is already sold out!

PHOTOS Courtesy of Euphorics