Toton Januar: On His Mother



For fashion designer Toton Januar, his late mother’s love transcends through space and time that it enables him to accomplish further than he ever dreamt of.

Amidst his busy schedule preparing a fashion event in Paris, Toton Januar pushes aside his agenda to make time and talk about the crucial moments of his personal life and career with us. This Makassar-born designer reminisces how his talent is flourished from the one person who matters the most for him: his mother.

 “My mother raised me all by herself since my father passed away. That time I was 10 months old. She dedicated all her life to raise me so I become a decent person. I could never repay her nor thank her enough for that.” Toton said.

Somehow, there were disagreements between him and his mother regarding his chosen life career in fashion and art.  This disagreement led him to the greatest regret still scarring his heart up until today.

His mother hid her sickness from him because she did not want Toton to worry about her. After all, he was away in New York, still studying at Parsons New School of Design for Fashion Study. When he found out that her mother was sick and had to be hospitalized, he dropped everything else in his life to be with her.

The death of his mother shattered him to pieces; he admits it was a dark chapter of his life. But he finally found the light at the end of the tunnel. “It had become my rock, my strength, and my source of inspirations that I can cherish for the rest of my life,” he voices.

 “She was the most loyal, hardworking person I’ve ever known. She’s also resilient but gentle. She could endure so much and still go on without having to show anyone her tears. She always reminded me to help others and be kind. I learnt true love from her.”

PHOTOS Courtesy of Toton Januar

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