The Clooneys Welcome Twins



George and Amal Clooney celebrate the birth of their twins, Ella and Alexander Clooney. It is reported that the twins were born on Tuesday (6/6) in Kensington Wing of London's Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

US Weekly reports that George's parents are over the moon about the happy news, while George's eyes are "glazed - like he was not sober". Hello Magazine also reports that Amal's father, Ramzi Alamuddin, turn up a public statement saying, "They are in great health. All is perfect. I am happy for them".

The couple's twins were expected to be born within the first week of June. As the due date becomes closer, George Clooney admitted cancelling every trip he had to stay beside his wife. That includes his annual humanitarian event Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity in Armenia. He jokingly told the crowd, "I really would have been there, but if I came there and my wife had twins while I was there, I could never come home".

Isn't it all worth the wait?