Susan Bachtiar on Motherhood



Welcoming motherhood with a joyous heart, Susan Bachtiar taught us that it takes two to make it through.

Being a lady that been gifted with gorgeous looks, positive attitudes and brilliant mind, Susan Meilani Bachtiar is one kind of a lady that is harder to find these days. Faced with such joy, HighEnd asked her what is the solid reason of her happiness, she replied quickly, “The little man that will arrive soon here, my son Tristan”.

Tristan Nathaniel Van Tongeren, which means the brave knight and a blessing from God, is the center of this multitalented lady’s life now. Just like any mother in the world, Susan values her son more than anything that the world could give. In Susan life, it’s her lovely son that makes her schedule packed. “I have my own schedule, so does Tristan. Despite all the never ending works, I don’t feel like I’m missing my son’s growth,” she answered.

As a kinesthetic kid, Tristan loves getting active all day and bedtime stories is the best time for both Susan and him to talk. It even inspired the next big step in the actress’ career, which is to launch a children’s travelling book named after her dear one, Tristan the Traveller.

Showering her son with loads of love, doesn’t mean Susan spoils him all the time. Admitting that she is the “bad cop”, contrary to her husband, Roger Van Tongeren, she wants Tristan to be a confident and independent person through the process, since the most important part is process, not the results. “I wish Tristan will become a responsible man that appreciates everything that he holds since he knows that it’s not easy to reach everything that he had,” she wished.

“To every mother, including myself, it’s really important to be there for your children when they ask for your attention. There will be time that you will be begging for their attention when they have grown up,” she suggested.  Throughout the interview, Susan Bachtiar had taught us the most important things in motherhood; it takes a happy mother to create happy children and men are what their mothers made them.

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