Royal Sisters: Christmas Specials



If there’s one thing we can learn from Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s looks on Christmas Day Service with The Queen, it’s that they belong to different side of coin.

Despite all the rumors swirling around the two Duchesses that they are not “best friends”, they surely looked lovely together while attending the Queen’s Service at Sandringham, Tuesday morning.

Kate and Meghan appeared in totally different outfits that reflected their personality and taste. Hand in hand with their husbands, respectively Prince William and Prince Harry, they stole everyone’s attention with contrasting guise.

The Duchess of Cambridge looked fresh in maroon coat and matching beret. She completed the look with comfortable long johns and again, maroon court shoes. She has always been known for her classic ladylike look. Velvety details in her outfit and purse elevate the elegance.

Meanwhile, The Duchess of Sussex looked simply gorgeous in navy blue Victoria Beckham coat. She showed off her pregnancy glow with “badass” knee-length leather boots and gloves. She carried a leather clutch that just went perfect with her overall look. Who’d guess that she’s going to give birth this spring? She just looked as chic as ever.

Both of them proved that despite the differences, they look just as good. Which one’s your favorite?

PHOTOS Courtesy of AP