Pippa Wedding: Royal Fashion



The regal wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews takes all the attention from all over the world. Pippa and his husband, who works as a prolific financier, celebrate their happiest moment in delicacy and modesty in a tranquil village of Englefield, Berkshire, UK, yesterday (21/5).

The event, nonetheless, is a glorious flair of beauty and bonanza. A number of royal guests, from Prince William and Prince Harry, to world-class tennis player Roger Federer attended the wedding to cherish the moment. The major focus, as expected, is fashion. The younger Middleton's wedding is graced by the touch of British Royal statement - a sheer moment to spot on British Royal's current fashion diplomacy.

The bride walks down the aisle in custom Giles Deacon gown. With torso-fitting lace embroidery and floor-swooning skirts, her dress slightly reminds us of her elder sister's wedding dress sewn by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. The family seems to endeavour similar fashion statement as the members of the royals: chaste, elegant, and rooting to classic aristocracy embodiment.

The short-listed guest lists mostly draw attention for extravagant headpieces. Wearing harmonious salem dresses, Kate Middleton and her mother Carole clipped beautiful roses to their matching round headpieces. A number of women guests also took the opportunity to draw special attention with fancy headpieces and heels. Another 1920's reference to luxurious gala.

Is this a scene from Downtown Abbey? Not quite. The Royal Brothers Prince William & Prince Harry suited the diplomatic fashion parade with classic three-piece suit, completed with long back-tail that sways as they walk. The postmodern touch is given to tie pattern to give contrast to soft-colored outfit.

The unlikeliest moment to miss is Prince George and Princess Charlotte's adorable presence. Prince George and his sister served as page boy and bridesmaid in a pastel-colored tiny suit. As usual, the little prince embarks the royal tradition to wear shorts - a symbol of regality for boys in the royal family. Don't they look like little angels?

PHOTO: UK Press Pool