PIMFW 2018: Men in Denim

ROBIN BOY on EVENTS, 24/09/18


The pillars of Indonesia’s men fashion is back once again. Presenting 19 prestigious designers and brands, Plaza Indonesia Men’s Fashion Week is here to show the best of men’s fashion.

As a clothing retail center with international standard, Plaza Indonesia does not only focus on women’s fashion. It has been annually holding the only fashion week for men in Indonesia—Plaza Indonesia Men’s Fashion Week (PIMFW)—just like this year. For its ninth year, PIMFW wants to stay as a platform to introduce men’s fashion trend and to educate everyone involved in the fashion industry about the changes in men’s fashion trend itself.

There are 19 local designers and international labels in total to take part in this gigantic event. There’s also a special collaboration from Alleira Batik and Malaysia’s famous designer Michael Ong. To keep the excitement going, Diesel is also going to have its first show outside Milan.

Other participating brands and designers are: Parang Kencana, Bateeq, Marks & Spencer, Canali, Patrik Owen, Rococo The Men’s Store, Antony Morato, (X)S.M.L x Mario Ginanjar, Ted Baker, Project x Rigio, AMOTSYAMSURIMUDA, Rama Dauhan, Ray Alan, ALLTHETHINGSIVEDONE, No’om No’mi, and Danjyo Hiyoji. Each label will show off at least 30 looks to later be included in their Fall/Winter 2018 collection. Those who want to acquire the pieces can purchase them from Plaza Indonesia eShop.

Under the theme “Denim Culture”, this year’s PIMFW is collaborating with Lee Cooper as the high-quality denim provider. One of the most popular fashion trends these days is denim, which is known as a fashionable and highly-wearable product for men. Through this particular theme, they want to take denim to the next level and show that denim is more than just jackets and jeans; it is a versatile material that can be made into various stylish fashion products.

To make the show even more picturesque, the stage also has a special concept. Designers can maximize the 19 meters long seamless LED runway stage to support the display of their collections’ visually.

PIMFW 2018 will be held from September 24-28 in Plaza Indonesia, The Warehouse, Level 5.

PHOTOS Courtesy of Plaza Indonesia