Minnie Mouse meets Patrick Owen



Fashion designer Patrick Owen teams up with Disney Indonesia to launch special womenswear collection Minnie Rocks the Dots.

Who doesn't know Disney's classic fashion icon Minnie Mouse? She is popular for her bell-bottom red dress that is sometimes embellished with polka dots. She often pairs her dress with ribbon on her head and a pair of yellow high-heels. Her signature style creates a fashion color palette identical to her: red, black, white, yellow.

Together with Patrick Owen, Disney Indonesia is taking Minnie's timeless style as everyday wear for women. Dozens of contemporary interpretation of Minnie Mouse's style are exhibited on Minnie Rocks the Dots Fashion Show, held on 12 October 2017. A number of fashionable guests also rocked the event, including Nadine Chandrawinata, Natasha Manuella, Ayla Dimitri, and many others.

Mochtar Sarman, Disney Consumer Products Director & Patrick Owen

LEFT-RIGHT: Nadine Chandrawinata, Ayla Dimitri, & Eva Celia

LEFT-RIGHT: Veronika & Valerie

LEFT-RIGHT: Miri Hwang, Natasha Manuella,  & Kalula

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