Maudy Ayunda on Cover



Not long after finishing her undergraduate study in UK, the multitalented actor slash singer-songwriter is back in the game again. With brand new music and film production after a while, she is not only ready to play the game, but to change it as well.

2017 is the year of comeback for Maudy Ayunda. The young lady has just released her first film after few years, The Nekad Traveler, on March 17. Her third music album will also be available within few months. Through a short conversation with her, HighEnd discovers other things to expect from one of the anticipated artists.

By talking to her, we can know that she certainly is fond of two things: novelty and possibility. She loves to learn a lot of things and is always open to new experiences. She tells us that The Nekad Traveler is very challenging to her since it is the first time she has to portray a real person in a film. In the principal photography phase, she must travel from one place to another—cities to wilderness where she faced days without mobile signal, had bug bites and slept on a boat. These experiences are priceless to her, nevertheless.

Maudy is one versatile woman when it comes to expanding potentials. It is no surprise to see her taking chances in a number of areas: music, acting, education, to social work.  What then, does she expect from her already established career in the future?

“I am seeking for balance in life. I have passion for many different things, and I am very grateful to be able to work them out. That’s why it is important to maintain equal paces in each aspect I’m working on.” She does not have any particular long-term plan, saying she prefers to have short-term goals and keep the doors of opportunity lay open. She argues, “We cannot know exactly what we love to do until we have the chance to do it. I think we got to be open to many opportunities to figure them out.”

The young talent feels flattered to be paired with her senior counterparts Widyawati on HighEnd’s 9th Anniversary issue cover. She respected Widyawati for her long-lasting fame, saying, “She has an enduring grace that does not seem to fade with time. Not many people can pass through generations in the industry and still be widely recognized. And she gains it not only for her pastime works, but for being consistently active until today.”

Although there is a wide age gap between them, we see Maudy Ayunda and Widyawati as both iconic figures within and across the cohort they live on. However, we have to admit there’s an evolution of perspective on how the entertainment industry works. Regarding this matter, Maudy acknowledges communication technology as a massive turning point. It is relatively easier for people to strive in the industry than those in the past—we are served with fresh new faces every day on social media. When being asked about her opinion for what ‘iconic’ means to her, she gets a bit puzzled since she does not think ‘being iconic’ as a conscious effort. For her, it is essential to be authentic on the work we do and be true to ourselves. Being iconic is not something to achieve but may follow after our hard work.