Marcell And Rima Melati on Love



Singer- drummer-actor Marcell Siahaan and model-actress Rima Melati Adams conveyed teamwork only tight-knit couples could. The genuine chemistry between the pair comes from overcoming rocky beginnings together and finding their groove in 10 years of marriage.

Their story began in 2006, when Marcell performed onstage at a Singaporean TV live show. Rima, recognized in Singapore and Malaysia as a model and actress, was also one of the talents at the same event. There were nothing more than utterances of professional hellos backstage—in fact, they were both still committed to their previous marriages. They went their separate ways; each building their careers and finishing prior marital issues. But when fate brought them face-to-face again after two years, they instantly hit it off. Following a 9-month relationship, they tied the knot in 2009.

A difference in cultural upbringing added another level of difficulty of adjustments at the early years of their marriage. The pair recalled that the culture adaptation, including linguistic differences, caused some terrible quarrels due to misunderstanding.

When conflicts arise, they regard it in a positive way. “In our time together, we are shaped to be constructive and supportive, so if there’s something faulty, we won’t dwell on it, we quickly find a solution and move on,” Marcell explains. If there’s one thing in which they both determinedly agree every relationship could use less of, it’s the presence of smartphones. Rima is eager to take a step back from the sense of urgency and expectations of instant response from the gadgets, as well as advocating for more respect of personal space away from smartphones and focusing more on real life.

After one decade of wedded bliss, Marcell and Rima have mastered ways of making it work. While Marcell emphasizes on communication and becoming better individuals, Rima shares her take on adapting to change. “Every human being at every point of time in their lives, change over and over again because they see and feel things differently. The key is knowing that you want to grow old together, and to see your partner and children happy. It’s an understanding that you need to have within each other. As much as you change over time, its how you take those changes and apply it into your relationship. It’s choosing to make a mutual agreement you both agree on,” she concludes.

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PHOTOS Febi Ramdhan | STYLING Bung Bung Mangaraja | WARDROBE Marcell: Hugo Boss, Rima Melati: Calvin Klein & Stella McCartney | MAKE-UP Sendi using Urban Decay