Magic in Autism with Pullman



In conjunction to Accor Indonesia’s 25th anniversary, Pullman Jakarta Indonesia proudly presents a heartwarming painting exhibition featuring 12 talented children with autism from Yayasan Daya Pelita Kasih.

For some people, art is the only platform to truly express their feelings. At ’25 Magic Painting Exhibition’ by Pullman Jakarta Indonesia, these children portrayed their emotions beautifully.

“Art therapy is helping children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to improve their social skills, self-esteem, and emotional regulation”, Katharina Lita Wewengkang, founder and CEO of Yayasan Daya Pelita Kasih mentions during the event. The exhibition features paintings from 12 talented individuals, and most of the artworks contain a personal meaning that explores unconventional painting techniques.

One of the spotlighted artists is Diego Luister Berel, who painted on several canvases. One of them is ‘Seaview in East Island’. His paintings go beyond abstract lines and give a vivid imagery of a child with special needs in seeing this world. The same goes to SetoSwastiko’s ‘Between in The Darkness’, which categories as the raw art outside the hierarchy and mainstream art.

Although this charitable event is held at Pullman Jakarta Indonesia for a week only, donators are always welcome to purchase these paintings through the foundation Yayasan Daya Pelita Kasih in Jakarta. Any philanthropic act can help these people with special needs’ demanding lives and aid them to grow.

PHOTOS Courtesy of Pullman Jakarta Indonesia