It’s Defia Rosmaniar Year



Establishing her name as one of the nation’s prides through 2018 Asian Games, Defia Rosmaniar keeps her feet on the ground, while constantly aiming for higher things in the future.

It’s a sunny Sunday on August 19, 2018, a day after the monumental Asian Games opening moment.  Happiness surrounded the Taekwondo Arena at JCC Senayan amplified by joyful tears rolling from people’s eyes. But probably the happiest in the room was a young lady who couldn’t hold back her tears back while running around the arena joyfully in her official Taekwondo uniform while holding the National Flag in her hands, sparking a smile in everyone’s face, including Mr. President himself.

Moments afterwards, the athlete had become a hot topic around the country after the first Asian Games gold medal for Indonesia fit perfectly in her neck. Defia Rosmaniar – the lady who brought joy to Indonesia and ignited hope among fellow athletes and Indonesians, imprinted her good works and brought forward Taekwondo in this country’s sports scene since then.

Even though she has all rights to hold her head high regarding all her magnificent achievements, she keeps her feet on the ground all the time. “I’m just an ordinary person. All the attention I’ve get sometimes makes me nervous. I’m just an athlete who tries to give my best to this country,” said the 23-year-old young lady.

Moving ahead towards the future, Defia learns a lot from last year’s journey since she stands proudly on the biggest Asian sports competition’s podium. “Lately, I am getting calmer since people are watching all my movements. But one thing that stays true, medals and achievements always come first than all the rewards that came afterwards,” explained Defia. Seeing martial arts finally being recognized as something positive in Indonesia, Defia hopes that the good things and the support will continue and women could be more involved more in this sector, whether as supporters or athletes.

Closing the interview by gracefully posing for the photo shoot, Defia reminds us that she has successfully and harmoniously combined the things that she is interested in with the things she does perfectly. Just like all the high kicks and punches that from this young lady who waved the Indonesian flag proudly.

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