ID Creative Week 2018



Jakarta Fashion Week, Brightspot, and IdeaFest come together in one huge event called ID Creative Week.

Each of these huge events has their own target market but their sound vision proclaimed the identical purpose. The events aim to help emerging local brands and artists by  providing them the platform, where they can express, promote, and show their quality as a brand or artist. ID Creative Week shows us that local brands are comparable with international brands out there. They help us to appreciate local brands by tickling our curiousity and awareness towards our own creative people.

LEFT-RIGHT : Ben Soebiakto, Anton Wirjono, Svida Alisjahbana & Lenni Tedja

One of the contributor of the ID Creative Week 2018 is Ben Subiakto, who is also the Co-Founder of IdeaFest. He came up with meaningful keywords inside the capital C in their logo, which defines Community, Collaboration and Creativity as their inspiration.

ID Creative Week will be opened by  Jakarta Fashion Week on 20th October 2018, followed by Brightspot on 25th October, and then IdeaFest—just one day after Brightspot’s opening. Jakarta Fashion Week will take place at Senayan City Mall, Brightspot at Pacific Place Mall, and IdeaFest at Jakarta Convention Centre.

Aiming to gain exposure of Indonesia creative industry, Svida Alisjahbana, the Chairwoman of Jakarta Fashion Week said, “Our segments are poles apart with one another, not only in terms of visitors but also the tenants; as well as for our agendas and concept. Nevertheless, what we create from that isn’t a competition, but a mutually intertwining ecosystem. Along with our collaborative thinking, ID Creative Week is born for the first time.”

PHOTOS Courtesy of ID Creative Week