Guruh Sukarno 56th Birthday



On January 13 2018, national music maestro and culture ambassador Guruh Sukarno Putra celebrated his 56th birthday in his residence, Hing Puri Fatmawati.

Guruh’s legacy like Swara Maharddhika, Kinarya GSP, Bala GSP, and other communities like Gerakan Spirit Pancasila and Komunitas Cinta Berkain Indonesia come together to hold the collective merriment. The gala was attended by a number of cultural activists, artists, political figures, and other closest colleagues.

LEFT-RIGHT : Guruh Soekarno Putra, Ai Syarif & Tengku Ariatna Hassim, Azzura Nadia

LEFT-RIGHT : Dorce Gamalama & Tuti Mokoginta

The youngest son of Indonesia’s first president Sukarno looked healthy and fresh in his self-designed and self-made kain (garment). The garment is designed in classic Javanese batik mixed with contemporary strokes. If you pay close attention, the strokes in the indigo-colored cloth are printed as “Guruh” signature.

The event was meant to celebrate the richness of Indonesia’s culinary, language, and fashion. During his speech, Guruh mentioned the importance of being proud of our Mother Nature’s given resources mostly in food, as well as speaking in our mother’s tongue. This is true as far as the western influence from pop media is getting overwhelming.

After the dinner session, the alumnus of University of Amsterdam spoilt the guests with his self-choreographed Banyuwangi dance and music showcase throughout the evening.

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