Eva Celia Talks about Her Mother



Beyond physical connections, the mother-daughter bond that exists between Eva Celia and Sophia Latjuba (who now goes by the moniker Sophia Müller) is a strong base for Eva’s personal development and blossoming career.

Long before Eva embarked on her soul’s calling to music, her portfolio consisted of screen time. Her earliest professional acting experiences included commercials for soap and jamu with her mom. Eva was thrusted into the spotlight after playing the main character in Adriana in 2013 and landing one of the leading roles in the action film Pendekar Tongkat Emas (The Golden Cane Warrior) in 2014.

Eva’s acting prowess and career, on the other hand, was influenced by her mother. Sophia debuted in 1987 in the movie Bilur-Bilur Penyesalan, and expanding her career into the music industry the subsequent years. Her acting in Mira Lesmana’s Kuldesak in 1998 put her acting talents in the spotlight of nationwide attention.

Eva and Sophia have always been close. Although they are not the type to share every special moment on social media, there has been the occasional post on Instagram that depicts their lovely relationship. Eva’s uncanny resemblance to Sophia, combined with Sophia’s youthful look with barely-there makeup practically makes them two peas in a pod.

Apart from acting and striking facial features, the two also share something else in common, which is a love for a healthy life. Both are currently vegan and are keen on practicing yoga. Sophia once even posted a video of when they were playing badminton together.

When it comes to advice about being mature, Eva takes away one major important life lesson that her mom can give. “I guess with her being a single mom, she taught me what it means to be independent,” the 25-year-old confides. Having been raised by Sophia on her own, Eva still considers her mother as the ultimate role model and gives her a stamp of approval as both a mother and public figure.  “She’s really great at both. It’s tough being a single parent but she always manages to push through,” she praises.

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