Dion Wiyoko Wedding Story



Distance may put a test in their relationship for years, but love gave Dion Wiyoko & Fiona Anthony strength to overcome it until they tied the knot on September 1st, 2017.

Coming from different backgrounds, the famous actor and beautiful stewardess had to cope with differences and challenges, both in career and personality. As an introvert person, Dion feel attracted and completed by Fiona’s friendly and outgoing personality. Being comfortable with each other, the pair decided that they had to ask their family’s permission to unify their love in marriage.

From the moment Dion chose the beautifully landscaped and romantic Italy as a place to ask Fiona to be his only one, the journey continued smoothly to his family homeland in Surabaya, where the pair held stunning, golden accents, Tea Pai, Chinese pre-marriage tradition to introduce their family one to another – though they have to admit that it was one of the hardest things in their wedding preparation because they wanted to give their best to both families.

Contrary to the drenched in gold Tea Pai, the marriage reception in Bali displayed lots of the color white, both in decorations and wardrobes. The reason behind the color choosing is honoring Chinese traditions that said women are only allowed to use a white wedding dress only once in her life – while the gold color counts as lucky color that brings good luck in life.

Choosing Bali, Fiona’s dream wedding place as the perfect place for the intimate reception venue, they have to create great coordination between organizing the wedding and manage it amidst the distances and tight schedules. Thanks to the pair’s ability to stay calm, they could avert problems in wedding preparations. Aside from the nerve-racking moments, both Dion and Fiona successfully said their wedding vows flawlessly without text – because wedding vow means a lot more than just another textbook for them.

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