Dancing with Ufa Sofura



Indonesia’s rising modern dance performer Ufa Sofura lives her life to the fullest by carrying a unique and expressive flair in her name. She tries to break boundaries of performing art by creating dance innovations that will be beneficial to others.

Being an energetic and cheerful person that she is, Ufa has spent her life figuring out her passion by trying everything the world has to offer. It turned out that she finds her purpose of living is to communicate with others through the art of dance. Commenced by this passion, she is now dedicating her life to become a creative dance instructor.

Before becoming Indonesia’s well-admired figure in the dance industry – instructor, coach, spokesperson and performer – Ufa went through several intensive dance courses. Before turning 30 years old, she has sharpened her talent through learning at highly esteemed places from all over the world. Her impressive dance knowledge comes from her trainings at the Urban Dance Camp in Germany and also through a solo dance trip in Japan.

Other than dancing classes, Ufa commits to inspire others through public talk show events and positive campaigns. Recently, she is chosen to be one of the creative influencers for Mad For Lipstick’s beauty-breakthrough campaign. Together with the equally-peppy cosmetic brand, she invites women to find their own exceptionality and create a unique, honest form of beauty. After all, the true measure of beauty comes from within. She mentioned that every woman is beautiful as long as she has confidence, energy, knowledge and accomplishment.

Most importantly, Ufa believes that setting mentality is the crucial foundation of one’s triumph. A person won’t go far in life if their actions are only influenced by other people’s opinions. “Be sincere in whatever your heart tells you to do. Good things will come to those who dedicate their lives to make positive impacts,” she stated, adding that the secret to live life to the fullest actually comes from inside one’s heart.

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