130 Years of Braun Büffel



German fashion brand Braun Büffel celebrated their 130 years of glory in Plaza Senayan, Jakarta (16/11).


Not long after holding their 130th birthday celebration in Singapore, Braun Büffel is currently launching a party in parallel with their 130 years celebration. The event was attended by the Managing Director and fourth generation of Braun Büffel creators, Christiane Brunk, and their Creative Director, Fabio Panzeri.

The event was held in accordance with their Fall-Winter 2017 collection showcase, in which Braun Büffel took a step forward to transform their identity. For their brand new collection, Braun Büffel exhibit more cheerful color palettes in smooth geometrical shapes. This is inspired by 1980s Berlin pop culture, including cubism and Technicolor. Panzeri admits that the “younger” look aims to attract younger generation with concern of style and quality.

Christiane Brunk is also happy to launch The Buffel Art Project in collaboration with UNICEF Indonesia, during the event. For the “Paint for Love” project, Braun Büffel work with Indonesian artists to embellish Büffel’s iconic logo. The project focuses on educational program for underprivileged children and juveniles.

Christiane Brunk, Owner and Managing Director Braun Büffel

A number of lavish guests joined the event to witness the new collection and enjoyed champagne to celebrate the festivity.

LEFT-RIGHT: Adinia Wirasti & Ario Bayu

LEFT-RIGHT: Sophia Müller & Reza Rahadian

LEFT-RIGHT: Eva Celia Latjuba & Fachri Albar

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