Why So Complicated



"Every single thing in life is simple - it is humans' interpretations that are complicated."

- Pramoedya Ananta Toer


Whereas our interpretation of the world we're living is getting more and more complicated, the Italian goes anti-evolutionary in terms of design. They seem to understand much that simplicity is the soul of a product design, let alone complications be what humans are. These products are radically simple that it is almost confusing to sew meaning. There is meaning, though not fully philosophical. The meaning is none but two: pragmaticism and futurism.

These designs are taken from International Italian Design Day held on March 2. The event was held for the first time ever by the Embassy of Italy in Jakarta, the Italian Trade Agency and the Italian Cultural Institute, Jakarta, and LAFLO. IIDD is presented as an appreciative workshop for Italian artists and designers. The one HighEnd attended was “The Italian Design: Between tradition and innovation”, a seminar where one of the prominent Italian designers, Raffaella Mangiarotti, presented her notable designs and inspired the attendees of Italian designs that entail culture, art and philosophy to symbolize Italian designers’ personal style.