Tabula Rasa



All the greatest thinkers across centuries are arguing whether or not humans were born as clean, white paper. The “white paper” expression symbolizes chastity, purity, and everlastingness—being clean from anything foul. As in interior design, the white color—whether it’s frosty white or broken one—resembles the clean sheet of paper. It is a perfect canvas ready to be adorned by the dweller’s stories.


Dark and Handsome

What is the perfect companion to a sheet of white paper? A bold, black pen. Pure black decoration will elevate white room to a whole new level. Not only it enhances contrast, but framing the room as well.


Woody All-in

No, this has got nothing to do with fellow film director. Using wood as main embellishment of white room is inspired by classic Scandinavian architecture. The brownie tone of wood warms up the room, in contrast to ice-cool white color. Whether it is as decoration or furniture, darker wood shall leave a sense of congeniality.


Portrait of a Lady

White-painted wall shouldn’t be left all blank. Hang some monochromatic portraits for some artistic touch. Low-key images would do even better.


Chic Strips

It is rather a simple, almost unnoticed touch. However, its impact is remarkably effective. Don’t just go with plain white walls—we certainly don’t want our home looks like some boring office cubicle. Instead, go with wooden walls and paint them all white. Combine it with quilted, monochromatic rug or plain wooden floor. Now you got your home on the Scandinavian valley.