Kodaline: Live in Jakarta



On March 1st 2019, Kodaline came back to Indonesia to perform ‘Politics of Living’ tour that was successfully held at Istora Senayan Jakarta.

The show lasted for two hours, with the crowd passionately sang along to every song. After performing the first few songs, Kodaline finally greeted the audience after their performance of the song ‘ Honest ‘ , to which the audience responded with great enthusiast. The performance continues, performing variety of songs from the ‘Politics of Living‘ album along with their older albums, including ones that everyone cherished and loved.

The band stated that the concert was finished after the song ‘Love Will Set You Free‘, which was followed the audience shouting ‘We want more!‘ over and over. After a few moment, Kodaline came back to the stage surprising the audience with ‘All I Want‘, bringing in Ahmad Abdul from Indonesian Idol in the middle of the song as special guest singer.

Closing the show, Kodaline sang the long-awaited song—High Hopes—with the audience cheering and again by singing the refrain of the song ever so passionately, with silver confetti shot into the air, making the audience cheer even harder until the end of the concert.

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