Journey of Syahrini



Although the concert was considered to be too expensive by many, Syahrini proved that she can leave the audience satisfied as the concert ended.

The Ciputra Artpreneur room, the location of the concert on September 22, was full of Syahrini fans. They did not stop singing and shouting Syahrini's name that night.

Incess (Syahrini's nick) changed costume several times; each of them is made by famous Indonesian designers. Everything makes Syahrini's appearance more beautiful and luxurious. One of the costumes that stole the audience's attention was a large headpiece by Rinaldi Yunardi.The stage and Syahrini’s movements are also adjusted to the dress she wore.

Syahrini sang a total of 19 songs, starting with songs from her early career, such as "My Lovely", until "Jangan Memilih Aku", which was sung with Randy Pandugo. She also collaborated with Glenn Fredly and Tompi, which was interspersed with funny jokes. Syahrini sequentially performed her songs in accordance with the concert entitled "Journey of Syahrini".

PHOTOS Courtesy Of Berlian Entertainment