Jazzing in Prambanan



Enjoying jazz in a majestic setting is every jazz enthusiast’s dream. The magical Prambanan Temple is the annual witness to that.

The spirit of UNESCO World Heritage lingers for three days straight. Prambanan Temple and the world music masterpiece successfully captivated the crowd at the Prambanan Jazz Festival 2018.

During the three-day festival, the audience had an amazing experience from the charming scenery of Prambanan Temple as the backdrop and jazz music from world-class musicians.The line-up of musicians proves that the fourth edition of Prambanan Jazz is packed for those who are into jazz.

KAHITRAN on the first day, then continued with a series of international jazz musicians on the second day where two-times Grammy Award winner Diana Krall closed the night beautifully with her swaying live performance.

The event ends in a dazzling appearance from Boyzone, the phenomenal boyband in the ‘90s. Not to mention Dewa 19 feat. Ari Lasso that brought their single hits and instantly hyped up Prambanan Jazz Festival 2018 with their tagline: "Music, Experience & Masterpice."

Not only music, the presence of Pasar Kangen at the venue gave a sense of cultural synergy between the traditional and modern. During the event, crowds can enjoy relaxing music, watching the sunset accompanied by the beauty of Prambanan Temple, or eating traditional cuisine Angkringan under the full moon.

PHOTOS Febi Ramdhan and Rajawali Indonesia Communications