Franz Ferdinand in Concert



Bringing back the gilded age of early 2000’s post punk revival, Franz Ferdinand auspiciously take everybody out into indie rock bliss.

Around a decade ago, four talented young men from Glasgow, Scotland break indie rock stereotype with cheeky dance move, visual arts, and saucy lyrics. People can sing words from staple hits such as Darts of Pleasure, Do You Want To and Take Me Out without naming the band itself. For most Indonesian music lovers who live in the glory of post-punk days, the band works either as a karaoke staple band or as the pioneer of modern punk bands.

In their live performance at Tennis Outdoor GBK Senayan, this sensational multimillion rock band does justice with more polished performance to remind everyone who strikes a blank when being asked what the band does after 2006. Opened by the local indie heroes Elephant Kinds, Fourtwnty, and Barasuara, the fans are transported into an era where good music is associated with idealism.

Different from their first concert in Jakarta 9 years ago, Franz Ferdinand build a massive dance, post-punk kingdom with higher crowd energy and no more EDM rhymes. With Indonesia concert attendee loudly singing along, all band members feels delighted while pleasing the crowd with exceptional singles that test who’s the real fans of the band. They revisit their first journey while introducing more polished music style through their newest album, Always Ascending.

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