Cecil Mariani: Paralaks Fiksi



Renowned Indonesian graphic designer slash artist Cecil Mariani held her first solo exhibition after a long time titled “Paralaks Fiksi” (Parallax of Fiction).

The Jakarta-based artist returned with a collection of her mixed-media artworks to Studio Hanafi, Depok, West Java. Launched on 8 December 2018, the exhibition will last for a month until 7 January 2019. The event was opened by fellow artists Ugeng T. Moetidjo, Hanafi , Heru Joni Putra, and talented young composer Gema Swaratyagita who played an opening repertoire.

Cecil believes that “Fiction” is an Operating System that creates a series of play in our minds. For the alumnus of LeBoYe Design Firm, holding an exhibition is the act of filling in empty spaces within the reality with a series of fiction. With her own “Parallax”, she is challenging the domineering fictions in art with differing perspectives.

For her exhibition, Cecil is integrating several aspects to create an incorporated corner. First, the alumnus of School of Visual Arts, New York presented a variety of conventional sketches on paper. Secondly, she reinvented the room as a pseudo-working place using several installations. She also communicated with her visitors via workshops and classes held at the studio.

Anthropologist and fellow speaker for the exhibition Geger Riyanto defined Cecil’s works as “grotesque”. He mentioned that the works consist of corporeal parts of human, whether connected, disintegrated, or superimposed. This interpretation suits Cecil’s depiction of Fiction—that is intangible parts of reality that created their own pattern and stories.

Parallel with the exhibition, the 40-year old artist held a workshop called “Paralaksis Institut” that lasts from 15-30 December 2018 via open call. During this event, Cecil will hold a collective sketching session and discussions about research methods, design fiction, and many others. On December 20 2018, Geger Riyanto will host a public discussion. Every activity will be free and open for public.

PHOTOS Courtesy of Cecil Mariani and Studiohanafi